Train, REO Speedwagon & Yacht Rock Revue at Budweiser Stage

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Budweiser Stage | Toronto, Ontario


The biggest fans of pop-rock music should prepare themselves now because a huge star is coming their way! Train, REO Speedwagon & Yacht Rock Revue is coming in 2024 and this could be the biggest performance of 2024 if critics are to be believed! What can music fans expect from this electric evening? Well, aside from a commanding stage presence and sick lyrics, and hit singles, you can expect to be surrounded by an intensity that is unmatched! Toronto, Ontario is where it's all going to go down, and you can be there too!
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So we hear you're a concert lover? Pretty great right? This is the place to be for top concerts! Budweiser Stage is a pretty rocking' place to be and its renowned for being able to accommodate huge capacities. Polls have said that Budweiser Stage, Toronto, Ontario IS categorically the greatest venue for huge events in the area, which is brilliant because guess what MAGIC is coming to Toronto, Ontario this summer, 2024? We think you know! The unforgettable Train, REO Speedwagon & Yacht Rock Revue and this is nothing but limitless, absolutely world class! July is looking pretty exceptional for attendees already! So what are you going to do right away? You guessed it, go get some tickets for Train, REO Speedwagon & Yacht Rock Revue! Put Saturday 20th July 2024 in the planner and just scroll up to click 'get tickets'! You'll have the time of your life!

Train at Budweiser Stage

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