REO Speedwagon is first and foremost a rock band. So you can expect some shredding guitar melodies and incredible lyrics mixed in with the music. The band often plays fan-favorite hits, with many of their set lists including songs from Hi Infidelity. There’s also an incredible amount of polish and talent that’s on full display as the band has lost none of their edge over the years.

More importantly though is the vibe. This band’s events, whether packed to bursting or not, have an undeniably high energy level. The fans love being there and the band loves being there too. So everyone feels like they are having a great time with the show. And this band’s fans tend to be positive, whether longtime listeners or new fans.

Altogether, you can expect an REO Speedwagon concert to be an experience like none other. With a band that has honed its sound over the years but still maintains its 70s rock roots.

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